An initiative in addressing the needs of family office advisory services; such as in governance, conflict management, managing growth, foster sustainability through reorganization, corporate restructuring, to succession planning.

Common issues

  • Sustainability
  • Passing the business to the next generation; from the 1st to 2nd generation of the family
  • Growing the business
  • Governance
  • Maintaining teamwork and harmony
  • Sustaining family ownerships
  • Family conflict resolution
  • Family participation and role
  • Distribution of funds
Value Creation Business and Financial Roadmap Transition to the next generation Organization Design Business Control Financial Control
  • Business roadmap
  • Financial roadmap
  • Legal review
  • Tax review
  • Financial analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation and benefit design and review
  • Fit and proper test
  • Governance (BOD, BOC, and committee charters)
  • Accounting policy
  • SOP*
  • ERP*
* These products and services will be packaged and tailor made based on the company’s needs.