Our Services

About Us

Fidelitas Advisors is an independent business & financial advisory, professional services, executive trainings and management consulting firm, where we derive our name from the latin word “FIDELITATIS”, meaning remains true to original.

The group is proud of the Indonesian roots where it was founded in 2003 with a humble outfit. Our heritage can be traced to and grounded by our Indonesian partners’ capabilities and years of premium services track records.

Our firms have clocked in years of fine track records and market insights serving companies from mid-size to large corporates including state-owned enterprises.

Our bespoke services are offered to our clients operating in sectors from infrastructure, FMCG, garments, energy, health-care, shipping, toll-road, chemical, petrochemical, processed foods and beverages, financial institutions, life insurance, multi-finance to steel manufacturing.

Our managing partners are equipped with bona-fide real sectors experience in the past and at present time are involved on a day-to-day as non-executive management positions in several large listed companies in Indonesia. This unique blend of contemporary C-level management insights and bespoke management consulting capabilities are rarely found in other consulting only firms.

What We Offer

Fidelitas Advisors offers 4 bespoke services as follows :

Executive Education for Board of Directors Project Finance & Corporate Finance modules Mastering IPO Preparation for Board of Directors Investment Portofolio Trainings CFO (Fast-track) Apprenticeship Program Corporate Finance Qualification-ICAEW, UK Preparatory Classes.

Family Governance & Constitution Advisory Group Holdings & Company Organization Rearrangement Shareholders Conflict Resolution 2nd Gen. Succession & Sustainability Advisory.

Buy Side Advisory for Company Acquisition Sell Side Advisory for Shares Placement Equity, Mezzanine & Debts Placements Business & Financial Roadmap Pre-IPO Preparation for Technology & Growing Companies.

Holding & sub holding advisory Corporate & Business strategies Corporate governance improvements Business and Financial control for shareholders Building internal audit & audit committee functions Corporate conducts & Procurement Policy.

We provide bespoke C-level services to our clients starting from identification of needs, alignment of resources and capabilities, and fulfilling the expectations by our services.

We have stored in our Intellectual Bank numerous real-life case studies and management insights to be shared with our clients. These cases are Indonesian biased hence giving our clients the right nuance when it comes decision making. This is a far cry from copying and learning previous cases from other countries i.e. USA or Europe which might be culturally or regulatory incompatible when it comes to application for our clients.

Our company has a close-knit and high-powered team, especially when it comes to serving clients at the highest level (CEO, CFO or Owner’s level).

Our clients profile spans from large family business group, large listed companies, state-owned enterprises, to regional Multi-national companies in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

With a constant rise of business growth in Jakarta, ASEAN and the surrounding regions, we always have access to the latest deals flow in the pipeline.

We are also a member of KITIA and Deal Nexus, a M&A portal.

Fidelitas Group companies are not offering nor licensed to offer services in asset management, audits, tax, banking, lending, and securities underwriting in Indonesia.